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Contract Disputes

Contracts are written or verbal agreements between two or more parties to do something in exchange for something of value.  Contracts are made everyday and sometimes one party to the contract does not live up to their obligations.  Do you have a claim for breach of contract?  I can help you enforce your contract and recover your damages.

Real Estate Disputes

A home is most peoples largest purchase.  Sometimes the seller does not disclose known problems with the home. Other times, there may be an undisclosed easements, special assessments or zoning restrictions.  If any of these problems happened to you, let me help you realize the full value of your purchase

Construction Disputes

Homeowners and businesses often hire contractors to improve their property.  Sometimes the contractor does not do quality work.  Other times, the homeowner or business refuses to pay their bill.  If any of these problems happened to you, I can help enforce your legal rights by filing a Mechanic’s Lien, breach of contract or warranty claim.  Let me help you resolve this dispute.

Business Disputes

Businesses are created every day.  The partners, shareholders or members start out with high hopes and the best intentions.  Sometimes, disputes arise between the partners.  It could be because one of the partners starts a competing business or wants to kick out another partner.  I have helped many business partners enforce their legal rights.  Let me help you.

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