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With thirty (30) years of experience, attorney Jeffrey Whitcomb helps clients involved in legal disputes.  Whether you were injured in an accident or are involved in a business dispute, your case will receive the compassion, attention and aggressive legal representation that it deserves.

Unlike some law firms, Whitcomb Law Firm, Ltd.’s practice focusses on civil legal disputes, including Plaintiff’s personal injury disputes and business disputes.  For more information on the areas of practice, please click on the Injury Disputes and Business Disputes tabs.

Let me fight these legal battles for you.

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Client Testimonials

Personal Injury Case – Slip and Fall Accident
Posted by Michael
“I reached out to Jeff after the first attorney I worked with seemed to not take my case seriously. Jeff gave me more professional attention in the first 5 minutes than my previous lawyer gave me at all. I immediately hired Jeff and worked with him to settle a slip and fall accident that resulted in a serious hand injury. He works tirelessly and is very honest and upfront about the case and the costs associated with doing business. I was very pleased with the outcome and my work with him. I would highly recommend him to anyone.”

 Good employment law lawyer!
Posted by Anne
“Jeff was very helpful in getting me a settlement from my past business partner.  He kept asking for more money when I wasn’t sure it was possible to get, but it worked. I would definitely recommend him to a family member or friend that needs a lawyer for employment law.”

 Strong and Aggressive Lawyer
Posted by Tony
“I had spoken to many lawyers from the yellow pages and wasn’t satisfied, when a friend recommended AVVO to me.  I had put my questions on the website and within an hour I had 3 responses to my questions.  I called all 3 and lawyers back and what made Mr. Whitcomb stand out from the rest was that he listened and looked at my whole situation and did not try to over talk and as crazy as my case sounded, my Civil rights were being violated, and it was through his patience and research, we were able to resolve my issues quickly and aggressively.  Mr. Whitcomb communicated everything with me and through his advice I am in a better place now then I was 3 months ago.  Prior to meeting Mr. Whitcomb, I had talked to 13 lawyers and I have to say Mr. Whitcomb Law Firm was by far the best Lawyer I had spoken too.”

Great problem solver
Posted by Bryan
“Jeff handled a very delicate situation between family and a business partner. He handled it very quickly and painlessly. I have used his advice in other situations too.”

Thinks outside the box
Posted by Kevin
Jeff is a diligent, very thoughtful Attorney. He thinks outside the box in order to do what is best for his client. He is very thorough and excellent with people,

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